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How to clean your copier

A guide to cleaning your multifunction copier's exterior.

Regularly cleaning your Multifunction copier can help prevent issues such as poor quality prints, irritating lines, and the spread of germs. What is the most frequently touched item in your office? A multifunction copier, used by so many people every day, could cause germs to spread. It is essential to clean and sterilize your touchscreen and operation panel because, let’s face it – they can get filthy!

There is no doubt that cleaning your MFP copier is essential; however, improper cleaning can cause significant damage to your expensive equipment, and that is why we have compiled a list of the correct techniques for cleaning your machines.

Before we begin, please remember not to attempt to clean the inside of your machine. Have a trained technician come and clean it properly instead.
Cleaning practices should be limited to the machine’s exterior. Do not attempt to clean the interior of your copier machine if you notice toner buildup or other residues, which could potentially damage the copier device. Contact our service department here.

Do not use harsh cleaners on your copier

When cleaning MFPs, avoid harsh cleaners and paper towels

Your multifunction printer should never be cleaned with bleach or ammonia-based products. Instead, use disinfectant wipes or antibacterial cleaners such as Lysol or Windex. It would be best if you did not use paper towels to clean. Over time, they can leave lint residue under buttons or other components, leading to future problems.

Do not spray the Multifunction Copier directly

Cleaners should not be sprayed directly on MFPs.

Avoid getting excess moisture inside your copier when cleaning it. Use a lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, instead of spraying cleaner directly on the machine. Lightly dampen the cloth with the cleanser before cleaning. Remember to wipe down the paper trays, another high-touch component of your copier. Lightly dampen a cloth and use a light touch to clean the machine without getting any moisture inside. You should avoid putting too much pressure on the device, especially around buttons.

Clean your multifunction device glass

Don’t forget about the multifunction device scanner glass.

Cleaning the scanner glass, also known as the platen glass, is crucial if you have a multifunctional device with scanning capabilities. The scanner glass can become distorted over time due to a buildup of residue. No matter how tempting it may seem, the scanner glass should never be cleaned with Windex or similar glass cleaners. No product, wet or vaporized, should enter the scanning chamber. Mildew or fogging of mirrors could occur over time as a result. Paper towels can also leave behind lint or scratch the glass surface. Cleaning your scanner glass with a clean, dry microfiber cloth and light pressure is the best practice. Use a microfiber cloth and water to remove hard-to-remove residue, such as fingerprints.

Clean your multifunction copier interface

Touch screen cleaning for multifunction copiers

Our touchscreens, operation panels, and devices can be cleaned with most antibacterial sprays and wipes, such as Lysol® or Windex®. It would be best if you never used paper towels on an LCD display as the fibers can scratch the surface, resulting in cloudiness.

Read the cleaning label before spraying on copy machine

Read the labels

Read the product label thoroughly before using products to disinfect your copier. To be disinfected, some products require surfaces to be visibly damp for a certain amount of time. To ensure proper disinfection, you will need to repeat the process if the surface dries before the time is up. The surface must be damp but not wet. You are using too much-disinfecting wipe or cloth if it drips. Consider pulling your machine out and unplugging it to avoid any damage to any electronic components if this is the case.

Ready to get started on cleaning your Multifunction Copier Device?

We hope these tips help you feel more confident about cleaning your Multifunction copier. Knowing what cleaning products to use on your copier and how to use them can help you take care of your employees and office equipment. Of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re always here for you.

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August 1, 2022
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