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FP Postage Machines - save time and money

FP postage machines - save time and money.

FP Postage meters are mailing systems that print postage directly onto envelopes and labels. Businesses and organizations use postage machines to streamline mailing processes and calculate postage accurately.

Here’s how an FP postage machine typically works:

  1. Postage calculation:

    The machine connects to a safe online postage server, giving current postage rates automatically. The user inputs the item’s weight and selects the desired mail class (e.g., First-Class, Priority, etc.).

  2. Download postage:

    FP Mailing Solutions prints an indicia code on the envelope or labels after calculating postage. This indicia includes the postage amount, mail class, date, and unique identification number.

  3. Accounting and tracking:

    FP postage machines often have built-in tracking and reporting capabilities. They can track and keep records of postage costs, the quantity of items sent, and other essential information for accounting purposes.

  4. Refilling postage:

    When the postage balance runs low, the machine can be refilled with additional postage using various methods. This may include purchasing additional postage online, through phone orders, or via authorized vendors.

  5. Security and compliance:

    FP postage machines employ various security features to prevent unauthorized use and protect against fraud. These features may include PIN codes, account locking, and encryption.

Postage discounts with a postage machine.

Using a postage meter, such as an FP postage machine, can provide businesses with several postage discounts and cost-saving benefits. Here are some common postage discounts available using a postage meter:

  1. Commercial Base Pricing (CBP): Postage meters offer access to commercial base pricing, which provides discounted rates compared to retail postage rates. CBP rates are typically lower for various mail classes, including First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express.
  2. Presort discounts: Postage meters allow businesses to presort their mail before sending it out. Presorting involves organizing mail by ZIP code or other criteria, which enables the postal service to process it more efficiently. In return, businesses such as the USPS First-Class Mail presort program can receive discounts for presorted mail.
  3. Automation discounts: Some mail classes, like First-Class Mail, offer discounts for automation-compatible mail pieces. Postage meters can print barcodes and other automation-compatible elements on envelopes or labels, which qualify for these discounts.
  4. Avoidance of surcharges: Postage meters help businesses avoid specific surcharges on retail postage. If a business often sends heavy or oversized mail, a postage meter can accurately calculate and pay the right postage. This is without incurring additional surcharges.

Postage discounts can vary depending on the country, postal regulations, and the type of postage meter used. Businesses should consult with their postage meter provider or local postal service to understand their region’s available discounts and requirements.

How fast can a postage meter process letters in a minute?

Several factors can affect the speed at which a postage meter can handle letters. These factors include the model of the meter, its abilities, and the complexity of the mailing process. A few general guidelines are as follows:

  • Low-volume postage meters:

    Basic postage meters usually process mail at a slower speed, around 15 to 30 letters per minute. These machines are suitable for small businesses or organizations with relatively low mailing volumes.

  • Mid-volume postage meters:

    Mid-size postage meters are for businesses with average mailing needs. They typically offer faster processing speeds, ranging from 30 to 70 letters per minute. These machines can handle higher mailing volumes more efficiently.

  • High-volume postage meters:

    High-volume postage meters are built for large businesses or organizations with significant mailing requirements. These machines have advanced capabilities and can process mail at a faster rate. They often offer processing speeds of 100 letters per minute or more.

BDS is an authorized FP postage machine provider

When deciding on a postage meter, it is crucial to consider the expected amount of mail and choose a device with a suitable processing rate to meet your requirements effectively. BDS includes a fully comprehensive assessment of your mail and postage setup to ensure you find the perfect postage machine for your company. Please call or fill out the form below to get started!

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