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Fax Multifunction Devices for business

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Multifunctional copier (MFP) devices make sending and receiving faxes easy.

Copier fax technology is critical in healthcare, financial services, law firms, government institutions, and small offices. Fax capabilities have advanced considerably in recent years, allowing users to send and receive documents securely with their multifunction devices. Multi-function Printers with fax, scanning, and copying help business streamline.

Multifunctional copier (MFP) devices make sending and receiving faxes easy. With these devices, you can simultaneously print, copy, scan, and fax. You need to send digital fax, but you’re not at your computer? With your multifunctional printer, you can send one! Multifunction devices allow you to stay connected at work (or in your home office) without installing special fax software. Print scan copy from anywhere using your Fax Multifunction Devices.

Setting up your multifunction (MFP) mail-to-fax technology has five key benefits.

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  1. Conveniently Fax from your MFP.
    Use the scan to email function on your Multifunction printer copier to send faxes without needing a desktop computer, mobile phone, or your business printer.
  2. Securing information more effectively.
    Enhance the security of your faxes by enabling TLS encryption. Aside from eliminating security risks associated with traditional faxing, you can send HIPPA-compliant documents and set up fax forwarding rules.
  3. Productivity is enhanced.
    Employees no longer need to scan documents to their emails and no longer need to walk to and from MFPs to find confirmation receipts.
  4. Streamlined IT management.
    Eliminate maintenance and headaches associated with on-site fax infrastructure. Send and receive faxes from your existing MFP devices without needing IT support.
  5. A cost-effective solution.
    There is no need to purchase expensive connectors, converters, or adapters. Reduce the use of paper, extra fax lines, and maintenance costs.

Why should I use MFPs to send faxes?

Fax software for Multifunction Printers (MFPs) integrates with industry-leading manufacturers including Brother, Canon, Kyocera, Ricoh, Sharp, Xerox and more.

  • Receive an email notification when the fax is sent or fails (too many busy signals or invalid fax numbers).
  • The desktop application displays your faxes and their status – Pending, Sent, Failed – so you can resend them if necessary.
  • It eliminates the need to print documents and run them to the fax machine, saving you time and paper.

With fax services installed on your MFP, whether native or external software, you can keep track of your inbox and outbound fax activities in one place. Faxes sent from desktop computers, mobile devices, or MFPs are all routed through the same system, enabling you to track what’s happening in real-time across your organization, eliminating the need to check whether faxes were sent successfully. Learn how to change your fax result report settings here.

Ready to get started with adding the fax functionality to your Multifunction device?

The fax functionality of your MFP requires some prior setup before it is ready to be used, and administrators may be required to perform these tasks.

  • Ensure that your MFP has an email address set up.
  • Email configuration on your multifunction device.
  • An internet connection or a network connection.
  • Make sure your email server supports internet faxing.

Is fax Multifunction Device Secure and reliable?

Due to their less vulnerability to cyber attacks, traditional faxes may seem more secure than email or other forms of communication. Leaving documents unattended at the fax machine can result in them getting lost or being seen by those who are not authorized. Those walking by can pick up a newly printed unsecured fax.

Conclusion to Multifunction Faxing

Multifunction laser printers can replace traditional fax machines, printers, scanners, and copiers in your office or home. Even though it may not be connected to a landline or have independent fax capabilities, your MFP can be used to send and receive faxes with the print-to-email functionality. This method allows one to sign, fax, and send documents without scanning and copying them.

Numerous Faxes print Software Solutions seamlessly integrate with Multifunction Printers (MFPs) and Multifunction Devices (MFDs) for paperless copying and faxing from the desktop and email.

Scan-to-fax functionality optimizes an organization’s MFP / MFD fleet, resulting in numerous cost savings and fast ROI.

Contact us today if you need help setting up your fax functions on your business printer or if you want to upgrade it to have the capability to fax.

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September 14, 2022

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