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What are the benefits of a production printer?

Benefits of having a production printer

Finding the best ways to optimize your production printer for your business needs.

Printing technology can completely transform the way we interact and utilize our office equipment for our business needs. With all the innovations happening simultaneously, staying up to date can take a lot of work. The printing industry is no different, as the market multiplies with new features and models. Despite the surge of innovations in the digital age, including digital printing, businesses still rely on printers and, yes, printed materials to meet their needs. The production printer still has a vital role in the digital age, and it’s helpful to keep up to date on how to best optimize your printing equipment to elevate your business operations and success.

Kyocera Production Printer
Source: Kyocera TASKalfa Pro 15000c

Have you heard of a production printer?

At the most basic level, production printing can print high-volume at high speed. Production printers are more industrial, often categorized as having at least 65 PPM. Because of the large size and capabilities of production printers, they are best suited for commercial and business purposes.

The production printer has many features that are useful to a business. Typically, they are used to print brochures, calendars, manuals, and flyers. This list isn’t even exhaustive of the other materials able to be printed on these printers.

How can a production printer elevate my business?

Benefits of production printing for my business.

You may currently use a production printer or be curious about the best production printer for your business. Either way, it’s essential to figure out ways to leverage production printers’ capabilities to help your business succeed.

Businesses rely on printers to provide high-quality printed items, but speed is equally important. Let’s walk through some of the advantages of using a production printer:


Production printers can print a variety of printed materials for your printing needs. You can use linen, card stock, mixed media, or whatever your business needs. You’re also not stuck with printing on super small pages of paper. They also can print on large sheets of paper. This versatility is unmatched in business, as it produces more efficiency when working with partners and flexibility in meeting your business needs.


We mentioned how important speed is to meet the demands of your business. Production printers meet your printing needs way quicker than a standard printer would. They can print a high volume at high speed. What sets production printers apart from traditional printers is that quality doesn’t suffer from speed. There’s a sense of security knowing that you get high speed and quality.

User friendly

Another big thing that places production printers above competitors is their user-friendliness. There’s more control available to you in regulating the printer, having control of the content you print, and higher levels of security.

Although production printers are a great tool to help create more efficient business practices, they may only be for some. For instance, the cost of production printers can cost up to 100k. Still, for the right business, the outcome is worth it.

Some questions to ask yourself before investing in a production printer:

What are my printing needs?

You should consider whether you will print large graphics, images, and text on different types of material. You should also consider the frequency of how much you plan to print for the year. The last thing you want to do is waste money on a printer that exceeds your business needs.

Am I working with confidential data?

Will you be printing customer data? If you need to manage that data, printing with a production printer will give you much more control over protecting that information. If you aren’t handling confidential material, think about whether you plan to do so in the future. Given the reliability of production printers, it’s better to anticipate your business needs than wait till the last minute.

What does maintenance look like for this printer?

Sustainability is important for any office equipment. Although the production printer ranks high in reliability, accidents happen. You should anticipate the costs of such accidents, but also maintenance fees. Figure out if the tradeoff will be worth it for your business needs. Make sure you have the funds to pay these fees because they add up.

Still trying to decide whether a production printer is right for you?

Don’t worry; BDS has you covered. We understand the requirements of high-volume printing. Here at BDS, we specialize in assisting in-house and commercial printers to achieve business goals. We also recognize how expensive production printers can be, so we offer flexible leasing options and affordable purchase options for any system.

Ready to make the jump? Fill out an inquiry form or learn more here.

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January 5, 2023

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