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How to Print on Glossy Paper

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Printing on glossy paper is an excellent way to achieve high-quality, vibrant prints.

Glossy paper can be used for photographs, brochures, or presentations. Printers, or multifunction copiers, can handle glossy paper when the correct settings are set on the device.

BDS’s general guide: How to Print on Glossy Paper

  1. Printer Selection:
    Make sure your printer supports glossy paper. While most inkjet and laser printers can handle glossy paper, it’s wise to verify this by consulting your printer’s specifications and manufacturer guidelines.
  2. Prepare Your Printer:
    Open your printer’s paper tray and adjust the guides to fit the size of the glossy paper you are using. This helps prevent paper jams and ensures proper alignment during printing.
  3. Adjust the printer settings:
    Before printing, adjust the printer settings according to the type of glossy paper you are using. This typically involves selecting the paper type (e.g., glossy photo paper) and the print quality (e.g., high quality or photo quality). You can access these settings through your printer’s control panel or the print dialog box on your computer.
  4. Prepare Your Document:
    Make sure your document or image is ready for printing. If you’re printing a photo, ensure its high-resolution for the highest results. If necessary, you can use image editing software to adjust brightness, contrast, and color saturation.
  5. Load the Paper:
    Place the glossy paper into the printer’s tray with the printable side facing down. Be careful not to touch the glossy paper surface to avoid leaving fingerprints or smudges.
  6. Print Your Document:
    Send the document to print from your computer, ensuring you select the correct printer and paper settings.
  7. Allow Time to Dry:
    Once the printing is finished, allow the prints to dry completely before handling them. This is especially important for photos printed on glossy paper, as the ink may take some time to set and dry.
  8. Handle with care:
    Handle the prints carefully to avoid smudging or damaging the glossy surface. If you’re printing photographs, consider storing them in protective sleeves or albums to prevent scratches or fading over time.

Which Glossy Paper Weight Do I Need?

The weight of glossy paper can affect several aspects of your printing project, including durability, print quality, and handling. Here are some standard weights of glossy paper and their characteristics:

Lightweight Glossy Paper (150-200 gsm / 40-55 lb):

  • Lightweight paper is often used for everyday printing tasks such as flyers, handouts, or drafts.
  • It tends to be more affordable and suitable for projects where high print quality or durability is not a primary concern.
  • Lighter-weight glossy paper may feel thinner and less substantial than heavier options.

Standard Weight Glossy Paper (200-250 gsm / 55-67 lb):

  • This is the most common weight of glossy paper used for various printing applications, including brochures, presentations, and photographs.
  • It offers an ideal balance between durability and print quality, making it suitable for various projects.
  • The standard-weight glossy paper provides a professional-looking finish and feels sturdier than lighter options.

Heavyweight Glossy Paper (250-300 gsm / 67-80 lb and above):

  • Heavyweight paper is ideal for projects where durability and premium look and feel are essential.
  • It is commonly used for high-quality photo prints, postcards, business cards, and premium marketing materials.
  • Heavyweight glossy paper has a thicker and more substantial feel, providing a luxurious finish to your printed documents or images.

Remember that heavier glossy paper may require adjustments to your printer settings, such as paper type selection and print quality settings, to ensure optimal results. Always check your printer’s specifications and recommendations for the maximum paper weight it can handle. Reach out to BDS if you need help getting started with a project with glossy paper.

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March 1, 2024

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