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Is a print audit worth it for my print environment?

What is a print audit and how will it help my business?

Learn how a print audit is performed with BDS

If you prefer videos over blog content, be sure to check out our recent YouTube video on print assessment and print audits with BDS Sales and Solutions Engineer, Kara Sheftel.

Are you thinking about investing in a managed print service? If you are unfamiliar, managed print services help improve the efficiency of workflows for your office environment. These services also help you reduce printing costs, improve equipment productivity, and reduce waste. It is one of the best services a business can invest in to elevate your organization to the next level.

To get your managed print service to perform at top levels, you must take these series of steps. The first is what we refer to as a print audit. If you have implemented a managed print service before, you may have heard of the term print audit or even print audit software prior to installation or during a consultation.

A print audit is the first course of action when investing in a managed print service. It is an essential component that goes into creating the most successful managed print service for your business. The process involves an extensive review and analysis of your print environment.

From the analysis, technicians can compile data on your print environment, including the number of pages you print in real-time, any print management software you have used in the past, and security needs. This information is then leveraged to give businesses a better idea of how their print environment performs daily and helps implement the best service to help remedy any issues.

Is a print audit or assessment worth it?

That is up to you to decide. BDS highly recommends print audits, even if you are not investing in a managed print service. Highly skilled and trained technicians perform these audits and are prepared to identify issues in your print environment that may not meet the eye.

This is an excellent opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses in your print environment and implement solutions to help elevate your print environment to the next level. With any office equipment you use, it is always a smart idea to get regular checkups or maintenance to ensure you do not run into any larger issues down the line that often becomes more expensive and time-consuming to remedy.

Furthermore, if you work extensively with confidential data, a print audit can look at your security and ensure there are no gaps in the data transfers. If there is cause for concern regarding the security of your office environment, our highly trained service technicians can offer the best solutions to protect your data.

Can BDS provide a print audit for my print environment?

Does BDS offer print audit services?

BDS is eager to help you elevate your print environment to the next level. We have an expert staff on hand to help analyze your printing environment, which includes scanning, copying, printing, and faxing. We are determined to find the right office solution to help save a headache from poorly performing office equipment.

BDS is strategically located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont and Florida! BDS is ready to help with unparalleled office printing technology and impeccable support. Fill out a service request today for your individualized print audit!

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March 22, 2023

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