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Enjoy printing with the Canon PRINT Business app

Print easily with Canon business print.

Learn how to print your documents with business canon print.

Is your office becoming highly digitalized, and you are struggling to keep up? With many offices transitioning to more work-from-home models, there has been an increased need for highly innovative technology that can help you meet your business and, more importantly, staffing needs.

Suppose your business is moving towards incorporating more intuitive devices to print from, like cell phones, tablets, or any other device. In that case, you will need a good system to ensure that printing is successful.

What is the Canon PRINT Business app?

Canon created this app to help with remote printing needs. The app is free to download, which helps make it a more affordable, budget-friendly option for businesses. The app is compatible with Android and Apple devices, which offers flexibility depending on your staff’s devices.

The app’s initiative is to create a safe print environment for staff, focusing on protecting confidential data. The remote option on this app enhances the efficiency of printing to expedite flexible work environments like a hybrid or fully remote office.

With Canon’s new app, you can confidently and securely print, scan, store, and send documents from wherever! The app utilizes intuitive and highly innovative technology to make this happen and is an excellent option for small and large businesses.

How will Canon PRINT Business benefit my business?

Canon print business advantages.

There is a lot to love about Canon’s new printing app. The obvious strength that puts them ahead of competitors is the remote capabilities of the app. This strength is significant because it creates a rippling effect of other benefits.

Location friendly

When working in hybrid work environments, staff usually need 24/7 access to their office, including computer and printing equipment. With Canon PRINT Business, you can be on the go and still be able to manage your print documents confidently. Whether at home or traveling for work, you can rest assured that your documents will be successfully managed. Productivity never lacks with this highly efficient option.

Touchless printing and scanning

If you want to avoid minimal contact with your printing equipment, you can change the settings to process jobs from your smartphone, avoiding contact with your shared device control panel.

This is helpful because it helps you ensure the expensive equipment you invest in stays in pristine condition and shape, avoiding malfunctions from other office staff. Plus, touchless printing helps prevent the spread of germs, which is a win!


Aside from the strength of remote printing capabilities, affordability is an undeniable strength of this app. It is free to download for apple and android devices and is also a super intuitive app. You do not have to worry about your staff having difficulty navigating the app.

Furthermore, if you prefer having staff use their personal devices to print, you can save money from having to provide work cell phones.

Are there any drawbacks?

Of course, there are a few caveats that you should take into consideration before investing in this app for your business. The main concern is that this app is, of course, only compatible with Canon products. If your business already uses equipment from another retailer, it is not wise to invest in this app.

However, if you are looking for new Canon equipment to pair with this app, BDS can help! As an authorized platinum Canon dealer, BDS is prepared to address the needs of your business, so workflows flow smoothly, and you experience fewer issues with your equipment.

We also have staff happy to show your team how to use Canon Business Print with your Canon laser printer. Just fill out a service request, and we can get back to you within 2-4 hours to schedule an appointment!

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April 10, 2023

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